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      • Aspect-Oriented Language Asses

        This space hosts the sources related to a study of Object Teams/Java (OT/J), an aspect-oriented backwards compatible extension to Java. The study is based on implementations in Object Teams of two complete collections of the Gang-of-Four design patterns.

      • HYRAX

        Hyrax CMU-PT project

      • Image analysis using GPGPUs

        Use of desktop computer equipped with multi-core CPUs and hardware accelerators (eg GPGPUs) to support a problem-solving environment dedicated to the characterization of composite materials.

      • CommonSense

        CommonSense concerns a data harvesting and processing system for Participatory Sensing (P/S). P/S aims to turn personal mobile devices into advanced mobile sensing networks. Thanks to the willingness of the users and the inherent mobility of their daily routines, it is possible to assemble detailed views and interpretations of the physical world without the costs associated with the deployment of dense, wide-area, sensing infrastructures. Examples of the potential of this paradigm already exist, such as experiments combining accelerometer and GPS data to monitor road conservation and traffic congestion....

      • TrustNeb

        The TrustNeb project is concerned with the design of a distributed
        middleware platform for dependable search and data storage over a nebula of unreliable and untrustable clouds. The system will improve availability, dependability, authentication,
        privacy and integrity of data stored in different public storage clouds, through a fragmentation, encryption, encoding and selective dissemination of data blocks on such clouds....

      • CREMA

        CREMA (Constrained Refining of Multiple Alignments) explores how constraint programming (CP) can help identify correlations between aminoacid residues by refining multiple sequence alignments. These correlations give tentative structural information that can guide protein docking....

      • OntoCCurricula

        Esta área de trabalho destina-se a um grupo de trabalho que pretende definir um projecto de investigação e desenvolvimento com vista à construção de modelos e ferramentas que permitam explorar a informação curricular e a obtenção de competências na área de Informática e afins. ...

      • DisentanglingSessions

        António Ravaras's Project

      • Lock-free


      • Semantics

        Syncfree subproject

      • Java Tracer and Visualizer

        A framework for monitoring and visualizing Transactional Memory computations.

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