Departamento de Informática

Welcome to the DI Projects Repository

This is the project repository for the Departamento de Informática of FCT/UNL.

Please read below some basic instructions written as a FAQ.

Emails with questions answered in this FAQ will be silently ignored!

General Information

Who hosts this Repository?

This repository is a Redmine installation and is hosted by FCT/UNL and the Divisão de Informática (DivInf).

The DivInf can be contacted by email to: . Please avoid contacting DivInf about this repository, but if you really have to, please include the keyword "Redmine" in the subject.

Please note that the DI Repository has a local manager (see next question).

Who manages the DI projects repository?

The DI Repository Administrator can be contacted by email to: . Please include the keyword "Redmine" in the subject.

Is the repository accessible from outside the campus?

Yes! The repository is available worldwide.

What services are available in the projects repository?

Each project has a set of modules that can be (de)activated by the Project Manager. Among these modules are Issue tracking, Time tracking, News, Documents, Files, Wiki, SVN Repository, and Boards.

Are all the hosted projects public?

No! Each project can be flagged as either public or private.

Public means the project is readonly to the world.

Private means the project is only visible to its members.

What kind of projects are hosted in this repository?

At least the following types of projects can be hosted:
  • Funded and non-funded research projects
  • Open-source software packages
  • Research teams

If you would like to suggest another type of project, please contact the DI Repository Administrator by email to .

Creating Projects in the Repository

How can I have a project hosted here?

If you are a staff member of DI @ FCT/UNL, you can have a project hosted in the DI Projects Repository.

Please logon to the repository once to create your ID in the system, and then send a mail according to the following rules:


Subject: Redmine: new project request


Project title: (please keep it under 80 characters)

Short project description: (please keep it under 300 characters)

Project acronym: (only lowercase letters, numbers and dashes, hard limited to 17 characters)

Public project? (Yes means the project is readonly to the world. No means the project is only visible to its members.)

Need SVN repository? (Please answer yes only if you are sure you need and will use the SVN repository. It can always be created later!)

The Project Leader is formally responsible for the project and its contents
Project leader name:
Project leader email:
Project leader ID at clip:

The Project Manager is entitled to configure and manage the project in redmine
Project manager name:
Project manager email:
Project manager ID at clip:

Can non staff members access the DI projects repository functionalities?

Yes! Anyone with a valid ID in cliip can access the repository and participate in the projects. But please note that the Project Leader must be a staff member.

For a collaborator to be registered in the repository, he/she must logon at least once in the repository using his/her clip credentials.

How do I assign collaborators to my project?

Once the collaborator is registered in the repository (see above), the Project Manager can access the Project Settings, select the Members tab, and assign repository registered users to the project. Select a user and its role in the project. Unless you are sure what you are doing, you should select the Developer role for collaborators.

There are two different persons with the same Fisrt/Last name, how do I know which one is the one I want?

The search/filter functionality in members management accepts CLIP id. S, just filter the list using the CLIP id of your collaborator.

Can other collaborators with no ID in CLIP access the repository?

Yes! The project leader must send explicitly ask the "DI Repository Manager" () to create accounts to the external collaborators.

For each external collaborator, please provide the following information:

Collaborator name:
Collaborator email:
Collaborator institution:
Collaborator position at the institution:
Collaborator role in the project:

This information on external collaborators can be also provided with the project creation request.

Once you get the notification that the account for the external collaborator was created (for sure it will take a couple of days), the Project Manager can assign a role to the new external collaborator as described above.

How to activate my Project's SVN repository?

Please follow these steps:
  1. Go to Settings, select Modules tab, and activate the check button.
  2. Wait for 5 minutes (there is a background script running every 5 minutes that will create the repository)
  3. Now, select the Repository tab and
  1. In the SCM choice box choose Subversion. # The URL field will be filled automatically.
  2. Press Save

The repository should now be accessible at the URL If you type it in your web browser, it will request your credentials and, if Murphy is not around :), will browse the repository.

Accessing the SVN repository

How do I access the SVN repository of Project "PROJNAME"?

All the SVN repositories are private to the project members. You can only access the repository of "PROJNAME" if you are a member of that project.

For project members, The repository is accessible at the URL

If you type it in your web browser, it will request your credentials and, if Murphy is not around :), will browse the repository.

Can I access the repository from outside the FCT/UNL campus (e.g., home)?

The repository is accessible worldwide, as long as you are a project member as are authenticated in the system.

I still have unanswered questions! What should I do?

You can contact the DI Repository Manager by sending an email to .

Please note that emails with questions answered in this FAQ will be silently ignored!